About Promised Land Myanmar !

Promised Land Myanmar is a united team from across the country, brought together by our passion for creating incredible experiences throughout our homeland. We are based in Bagan, located in the center of Myanmar, in the Mandalay region. We are a young and active team, ready to guide you around Southeast Asia!

Our clients become extensions of our family. Like our own brothers and sisters, we strive to keep you safe, joyful and with a full belly! It is our goal to support local businesses and communities whenever we can. 

We pride ourselves on service, safety and spirit. We want to show you around our country and make you feel welcome. We assist all groups and can be your booking agent if needed.

We regard our clients as members of our family. Traveling around the world isn’t as easy
as one would think, but in our care we aim to give you the opportunities to create long lasting memories and to really see the nature of our countries beauty. Our mission and promise to you is to help you achieve all of your goals safely, and with a smile on your face.  Traveling is unique and helps us to convey our stories and passions to all that will listen, and while story telling is amazing, we hope to leave you speechless with wonder and awe!

By bringing together people of all different backgrounds and experiences, our mission is to create connection.

We are dedicated to authenticity. It is our goal to support local businesses as often as possible. We believe in responsible, sustainable travel, that serves the community but does not harm the environment.

• Passion
• Integrity
• Responsibility
• Fun
• Customer Value
• Respect
• Communication
• Honesty
• Happiness

Our Team Members


Zoe Shwidock

International Program Leader

Zoë spent three years leading groups on service and education-based programs throughout Southeast Asia, with a focus in Myanmar. A lover of all aspects of travel, Zoë is a firm believer in the importance of getting outside one’s’ comfort zone to learn and grow.


Pyae Phyo Zin

Sale Manager

Pyae Pyae grew up in Yangon, Myanmar and graduated from the University of West Yangon with a Bachelor’s degree focused on English. She has been working as a marketing manager in the tourism industry for 4 years and is also a licensed tour guide from the ministry of hotel and tourism training school.  She is extremely passionate about her job and wanted to dedicate her life to showing people the joys and wonder of travel.  In her downtime, she is an avid reader and loves staying current on popular music.





Ei Sandar

Program Leader

Ei has been working as a professional tour guide for the last seven years, and having grown up in the rural area around Bagan, she understands this area quite well. She is known as one of the most charming, fun, thoughtful and energetic tour guides in Bagan. Ei is considered to be an expert on the history and culture of the Bagan area of Myanmar.  She is also a volunteer as an English teacher local school. When she has free time she is a bookworm and likes to listen to all the new music!

Team 1

Toe Toe

Program Leader

Toe Toe has been working in the tourism industry for over 25 years and is very detail-oriented. Anyone with 25 years of experience loves to share and help visitors better understand the vast intricacies and knowledge of the history, economics, and politics of many of the regions of Myanmar.



Founder and CEO

Since 2011 Lin has worked as an International Program Leader and was promoted to Lead Service Manager in Southeast Asia for the last 8 yrs. Linn is very passionate and positive about his work in as many as 7 countries as an international tour guide.  Linn believes that meeting new people and seeing the world through different points of view is the key to understanding and true happiness!

Linn graduated from Myinggyan University with a Bachelor’s Geography and passed the exam for tour guide license at the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism School in 2015. In his free time, Linn volunteers as an English teacher at the MELC English Center.


Haley Jocobson

Country Director

Haley has led program all across Asia – from Myanmar to Cambodia, China to Mongolia. She has learned to appreciate local culture and enjoys regular bucket skills over local delicacies. Her passions include people, cultures and language, and she is thrilled to be able to explore the rich past and present of Southeast Asia, creating intimate travel experiences to share the region with visitors from all over.

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