Chin State(Mindat)

The Land of Biodiversity

Mindat is the administrative town for the southern Chin State. Sometimes, it is great to be in a remote area and spend time with local people. During the winter season, Mindat is the coolest area in Chin State. There have abundant rainfalls and natural forests. Stroll through the Mind Market, trying local foods. On the way back to Bagan, we can stop for photos and tea breaks in small villages. It will take at least 6 hours to get to the Kanpelet from Bagan. You can see insects, wild birds, thick forests, pine forests, medicinal plants, and Chin culture and lifestyles. There are a lot of hill tribes in Kanpetlet city: Ngagah, Daii, Muunn, Yin Duu, etc. There is a custom of tattooing women’s faces. You can also trek from Kanpalat to Mt. Victoria, which will take around three hours. On the trek, you will pass through forests with amazing panoramic views of the surrounding Chin Mountains. If you are lucky, you can also meet people from local communities along the way. Chin people have several stories about their background, different from the various groups. The main trend of the mountain ranges of the Chin Hill is north-south. During the British colonization period in 1888-89, they took over administration because of the government, they wanted to divide into four sections or subdivisions. Most of the Chin people have tattoos on their faces. Each tattoo styles will show you what type of tribes they are and what languages they speak. Chin state is also famous who love adventure and love nature wildlife.

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