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Lucy Hammond

Traveled Laos with Linn as our guide. He was great fun and all round a great bloke. He definitely added to the experience, 10/10 recommend

Nic Win

Linn is a stand up guy and provides a genuine and hospitable experience for his clients. He took me to play futsal with his friends in Bagan and I had a blast!

Arielle Busch

Highly highly recommend!! Linn and his family are extremely hospitable, friendly and knowledgeable. Linn is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met and you would be crazy to not book a tour with him because it will make your Myanmar visit and experience unforgettable!

Dave Snyder

Linn is an amazing guide. He has an incredible ability to connect with people of any culture or background. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and hard-working. He is also a ridiculous and hilarious person! I can't imagine anyone not having a great time on a trip with Linn, and I would recommend his company to anyone traveling to Myanmar