Why you should visit Myanmar 2019?

Bagan, Myanmar ancient temple ruins landscape in the archaeologi

Bagan, home to one of the largest concentration of Buddhist monuments in the world, is recently listed in UNESCO world heritage site after a number of unsuccessful attempts. With the renewed interests into Myanmar, we are expecting a surge in number of tourists in coming years. It is always better to arrive a destination in its purest state and before the mass tourism arrive and alter everything.

Another reason you should visit Myanmar is its people. Hospitality and friendly of Myanmar people are well-known and they are helpful especially to foreigners and strangers in needs of help. Even if they can’t speak your language, you will be always surrounded by friendly locals who are always willing to help you. The country is probably the safest place in Asia for a tourist to travel around even for a solo-trip and you will always feel like you are home. But traveling with a good guide and a trusted travel agency is always better to get to know more about the country.

When you should visit Myanmar?

There is no “When” for you to consider if you want to visit Myanmar. Because the most important reason you should visit Myanmar is its status as an all-year-round destination. Some people believe that countries in tropical areas are big NO-GO AREAS. But it’s just a myth for Myanmar. Indeed, there is heavy rain in lower part of the country but it’s not all over the country. The Central Dry Zone where all of the most interesting destinations are concentrated is the most beautiful in monsoon months. Mostly dry arid region of Bagan suddenly became a lush green plain with temples dotted all over it. The accommodations and flight ticket prices are also lowered in the rainy months. Rainy months are always the best for budget-minded adventurers.

You will also hear some stories about unbelievably hot heat in the summer. Well, the weather is indeed hot in summer but it is not everywhere. There are still plenty of ways to travel around the country and the heat is not out there all the time. Just stay low and relax at your hotels in the afternoons, you will be fine. Thingyan festival of Myanmar, the biggest water fight festival in the world, is always held in every April to celebrate the Burmese New Year and will surely help you cool down the heat. Grab your water buckets and water guns if you are dropping by in Myanmar in April!

But the time between October and March is the best out of the best time to travel Myanmar. It is the time you can try all the unique experiences Myanmar can offer to you starting from breathtaking balloon ride over countless number of Bagan Plain or over pristine Inle Lake to the gentle luxury cruise ride over the majestic Ayeyarwaddy river, these once in a life-time experiences can only be tried in these months when the weather conditions are perfect. If you want to mix a few adventures into your itinerary, head out for the Shan hills with its famous trekking spots like Kalaw where you can trek to local communities to have a nice chat and learn more about their ways of life away from hustle and bustle of cities.

For any photographer, the time between October and March is just the right moment to make unforgettable pictures. Plenty of festivals in almost every town with bustling crowds in their traditional attires would be the most eyes-catching for any photographers. The wildlife and the flora are also bountiful in this month. Every year, thousands of migrant birds from Northern Hemisphere migrate to several wetlands and colorful fields all over the country which turned the country into a heaven for bird watchers and photographer.

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